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The Latest in Anti Aging Technology :

Skin Perfection Chemistry Facial:

For a special function , for a wedding , for the bride to be .This treatment lifts, firms, leaves a glowing from                                                       within , flawless results: $425.00

This treatment is 1.5-2 hours, No extractions performed ..

This treatment when done consistently will reverse damaged skin, Lift and firm sagging skin  and then preserve.

You Really see a big difference !!!

You can add the oxygen treatment to the Service for an additional $100.00

(which you leave with a inner glow , flawless skin , which this treatment is accumulative , the more you have the longer it stays , then you just do upkeep .)

This treatment anywhere else is 700.00 and up , Here we are able to keep it affordable .

This treatment can not be performed on everyone  (Heart Issues, Metal implants in the upper body, Pregnant)

Please contact us if you have any questions .



Eye Treatment Add on :$15 to $25.00

This treatment add on is a bio-cellular mask that will help hydrate , decrease puffy eyes and dark circles $15.00

add a oxygen treatment on top of the eye mask to push the ingredients to a cellular level $25.00


Lip Treatment Add on: $15.00 to $25.00

This treatment add on is a bio- cellular mask that will help hydrate , lessen fine lines and wrinkles . $15.00

add a oxygen treatment over the mask that will plump lips . $25.00


Oxygen/Biocell-Stem Cell Treatment: $175.00

I created yet another wonderful treatment to produce that healthy glow.

It starts with 1 swipe of the micro-dermabrasion (to rid skin of the dead skin cells),Light extractions ,peptides,stem cells, serums and hydration is then added , A biocelluous stem cell mask is applied (this helps to even out skin tone, hydrate ,apply stong peptides , pure stem-cells that help regenerate fresh glowing skin as well as feed the skin at a cellular level , over the mask we apply pure oxygen creating a hyperbaratic chamber that forces the pure oxygen deep into the dermis as well as all those regenerating ingredients down to a cellular level. After we apply more stem-cells, peptides ,serums and hydration (customizing to each clients specific skin needs ) We then finish off with sunscreen .

You can add on glycolic or lactic for a additional $40.00 (with no peeling)

Oxygen Acne Treatment : $225.00 to $250.00

I have created a acne treatment that uses the oxygen treatment to push the acne scarring, inflammation with ingredients that vary , depending on the type of acne you have .The oxygen pushes the ingredients down to a cellular level helping to smooth,purge, kill pacne bacteria , helps calm inflammation as well as helps lighten pigmentation (brown,red or pink scarring). This treatment starts with a swipe with the microdermabrasion , to rid clogging, dead, dull skin from top layer of your face , extractions can or can not be performed at no additional cost .

the ingredients vary from 5% TCA (no peeling) , AHA, BHA ingredients , this will not cause peeling.



Please Call or Text (925) 301-6753 to reserve your Special Time .

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