NEW : Acne Facial with no extractions needed .

Acne treatment without extractions: $225.00

I have created a acne treatment for cystic acne (which is very painful and scarring)

If requested extractions performed at no additional cost .

It starts with a swipe with the  Microdermabrasion this rids the dead skin that blocks your pores , Then i apply a glycolic/salicylic treatment- glycolic helps to purge the pores and help lighten the scarring , the salicylic helps to kill the bacteria and dry up the acne. I then apply a probiotic mask , good bacteria that fights bad bacteria , as well soothes inflammed skin, a stem cell mask (which is healing) is applied this particular mask has purifying actions as well .   This Treatment was created for some that can not handle the uncomfortable feeling extractions cause.

However for some that want extractions , I do this treatment with extractions at no extra cost.

Unfortunate that acne is not a 1 time , 1 treatment fix , how long it takes to clear acne up is case by case ,

I always warn that it does get worse before it gets better , worse how you may ask ?

you have to clear the dead skin away from the top layers so your skin beneath can breath ,

you have to purge the dirt , sebum ,infection out of the pores (some being very deep),

clean out the pores so that your skin can continue to breath and stay clear,

We have to pinpoint the cause , Genetic, hormonal,

what ever the cause is and try to reverse the actions that have already been set in motion .

I teach you how to care for your skin at home , recommend cleansers, products, 

methods to help you have the best skin you can have .

NEW – NEW- NEW !!!!

Oxygen Acne Treatment : 225.00-275.00

I have created a acne treatment that uses the oxygen treatment to push ingredients deep to a cellular lever to fight against acne, acne scarring, inflammation. which as well helps to purge, kill p.acne bacteria, smooth skin , even out the tone, lighten the acne scarring .This treatment starts with a swipe with the microdermabrasion , to rid clogging, dead, dull skin from top layer of your face , extractions can or can not be performed at no additional cost. The ingredients vary from 5% tca (no peeling) ,or a AHA/BHA ingredients , this will not cause peeling, may cause slight flaking and dryness. This treatment is 60 min.


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