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Erica C


Yvonne is a true expert in skin care. She uses her medical background and years of experience and education well! She analyzed my skin and then created a custom treatment for me: microdermabrasion, a light glycolic peel, oxygen and more! I also appreciated that she talked about other lifestyle influences…how to properly wash your face, staying hydrated etc. An appointment with Yvonne is much more than just a facial!




Ive had the pleasure to meet Yvonne a few years back , She had been recommended to me by a mutual contact .

Each time Yvonne works her magic my skin Glows , Its flawless , In my profession you have to be camera ready at all times , Which Yvonne delivers each time .

Not only is she a perfectionist in her craft , she as well goes above and beyond to ensure your privacy as well as achieving the youthful , healthy glow we all crave.

Thank You Yvonne for everything i have asked you to do and all that you have done for me .

I have referred friends in my business to her , they all rave about her signature glow, How comfortable and trusting they feel with her .

Now all we need to do is to get her to open a place in LA .



Elona P


I have been going to Yvonne for over 10 years and everyone guesses my age as much younger then I am. I also wear no make-up. She uses her extensive knowledge of skin care  and customizes the treatment for each client. She is the real thing and I doubt you find anybody better in this area or the rest of California including Hollywood.


G & K


We met Yvonne As a referral from a Mutual friend , During a visit to Sf/Bay area.

Yvonne has perfected a one of a kind youthful inner glow method that is needed for the camera .

Yvonne is personable and Private.

We have had many facials in our life , all over the world , when in the Sf area she is our go to Girl .

We Thank You Yvonne !!


Leah A


Yvonne is the best! Been going to her for 8 years. She’s very knowledgeable about skin care and the best products to use. My skin has never been better. Great service!


 Kay M


I have been going to Yvonne for almost a year now and love the way my skin looks. No one can believe my age and that makes me feel awesome. She customizes each client’s procedure and never urges that you buy her products. I know she has made me feel younger and any referrals I have made to her feel the same. Thanks Yvonne!

Aman G


Hands down, the best facials i’ve ever had.  I’ve been pretty regular with my facials for the past 10 years and when my previous esthetician moved, I was worried about finding someone else. Yvonne is great and she definitely knows her stuff.  In addition to the great facials, she gives excellent at home skin care advice.  My favorite is her Microdermabrasion facial and am so happy that I don’t have much downtime after her treatments.  I find that my skin is so much more radiant and bright for weeks following the microdermabrasion facial.  I definitely recommend her for all your skin care needs.

Felizia B


Extensive knowledge, personalized care and great service keeps me coming here year after year

Kristen H



I first saw Yvonne when she was with Tri-Valley Plastic Surgery. I’ve seen her a few times, for facials and waxing. She is very friendly, professional and knows her stuff. She’s outstanding with her Brazilian waxes.

I must say, I’m very confused by the one-star reviews? The fact that BOTH those reviewers have only one review on Yelp (the one about this business) that were posted within three hours of each other is suspicious.

Aman G.


Yvonne’s facials are simply the best I’ve ever had.  I’ve been pretty regular with my facials for the past 10 years and when my previous esthetician moved, I was worried about finding someone else. Yvonne is great and she definitely knows her stuff.  In addition to the great facials, she gives excellent at home skin care advice.  My favorite is her Microdermabrasion facial and am so happy that I don’t have much downtime after her treatments.  I find that my skin is so much more radiant and bright for weeks following her treatments.  I would definitely recommend her for all your skin care needs.

Review from Cathy C.


I have been a facial aficionado for years, but usually I just get a thorough deep clean facial, nothing more fancy than that.  So today, I went ahead and bravely tried the microdermabrasion!  Ok, it sounds so scary, but the procedure really isn’t.  It’s a pleasant experience and I can see my face glowing post treatment.  There is a bit of deep extractions, which is great, sometimes accompanied by pain, similar sensation to when you pop your own pimple.  Yvonne is very pleasant, and an excellent resource for skin related topics.  I can’t wait to try the 90 min oxygen treatment next month.  I plan to return for microdermabrasion in the next few weeks.

Yuliana M


Yvonne, thank you very much for your amazing job you did today!!! I really enjoyed it and my skin is so grateful! Thank you! Can’t wait to see you again soon…You have a very good professional and magical hands and beautiful personality…You are a real find for me…♥

Review from Maria P


I was fortunate enough to receive a chemical peel & microdermabrasion from Yvonne. I loved her! She was very knowledgeable and also sent several follow up emails after my treatments. She told me exactly what to expect and I felt very comfortable. I was appreciative for her recommendations on products for my skin; no pressure to purchase products or to book additional services. I sent her a couple of emails and she was very prompt in responding. I’m hoping to purchase some products soon… I plan to visit again, hopefully book a facial and a wax early August… 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing you again Yvonne.

Review from Joyce

I had brown spots all over my face.  Sun Damage.  I was embarrassed to go with out make up on my face.   I met Yvonne and she had so much knowledge of skin care that she recommended a VI peel.  It was truly the BEST thing I have ever done.  Once my face healed I did not have to wear makeup any longer..This was the happiest thing in the word to me.  I am told daily how pretty my skin is.  All thanks to Yvonne.  Thanks Yvonne. You are the BEST!!!!

Review from Renne A  11/19/2011

I found Yvonne about two years ago and I just love her- she has the most wonderful, warm, gentle touch and always throws in a little something unique or unexpected just to make each experience special. She really knows her stuff as far as helping you select the right products for everyday use. She has been great at getting these awful brown spots from sun damage faded and I know eventually eliminated. She has also been wonderful for my teenage, now adult daughter, always treating her with great kindness, and if she were her own. Her treatments are high quality medical aesthetics. She is incredible at assessing your skin and matching the right treatment and products to the right person. I know you will NOT be disappointed in what Yvonne has to offer. If you have a challenge for her, she will not disappoint in finding a solution, guaranteed!!

Review from Lorna R

A friend told me about Yvonne, as I was considering getting the hair on my legs on other places waxed because shaving was irritating my skin. Yvonne was very professional on asking why, and what I expected then explained the procedure on how she does it. She found the right wax for my skin and always let me know which way she was pulling the wax off because of the different ways my hair was coming in. I have been waxed by her many times (3-4) years and she has never made my skin hurt after waxing. Actually her waxings are really not that painful thank goodness, as I believe she has taken care to study and really know what she is doing. Later I thought I would have her give me facials, this was one ot the best decisions I made. OMG! Yvonne is THE BEST EVER!! She took the time to analyze my skin and give it the treatments it required to finally respond, look and feel great! My husband tells me how good my skin looks now, hey he noticed! I also know that Yvonne has tired and uses many of the products herself to see if they perform as well as they say do. She never stops researching and learning about new technologies in skin care. I think she will stay around for a long time because she really has the passion for what she does, and it would be very difficult to replace her; as there are not too many people I trust to work with my skin as I do her. THANKS SO MUCH YVONNE!!!

Review from Jennie C

I have been going to Yvonne for over 5 years. Not only has she kept my skin looking young and healthy she was responsible for pointing out two growths she felt were suspicious that turned out to be Squamish cell carcinomas. After the removal of these growths she has done microdermabrasion to make the scars almost undetectable. I trust Yvonne with my skin 100%. She knows what it needs and guides me to the proper care of my skin at home. I believe she has made my face look 10 years younger. I receive compliments from family and friends on how nice my skin looks all the time. Thank You Yvonne you are the best.

Review from Nicole B

I just had a microdermabrasion treatment with Yvonne at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery and she did a great job. I have to second everything a previous Yelper said.. she was on time, had a clean, sterile environment, I felt she analyzed my skin and customized her procedures to fit my skin type rather than following a specific formula for a specific treatment.
My skin feels soft and cleaner, and looks better already. Yvonne warned me that this was not going to be a pampering facial but more of a clinical procedure. That’s why I went to her and exactly what I was seeking. Still even though I was getting microdermabrasion, Yvonne still gave me ultrasound extractions, creams, masks, steam, and neck and shoulder massage. And hand treatment. If you’re looking for a medically-based facial treatment rather than fluffy, go to Yvonne. You won’t be disappointed!

Review from KC C.

So I went in for a facial the other day with Yvonne at the Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, same building as the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. It’s been about 3 years since I received a facial, and it was nothing like this incredible experience.

The facility is not anything like a day spa, but an actual doctor’s office. So don’t expect the lavender scent and lush waterfalls. Though once I met Yvonne, she gave me a THOROUGH evaluation/consultation. She took her time and gave honest opinions and suggestions, (without being pushy or mean, you know how some of them get). The facial was fabulous! You can tell she took her time and pays attention to detail. Once I was done, I didn’t have one blackhead left on my face! All in all, I was completely satisfied with her work. She was nice, informative and actually more medically knowledgeable due to the fact that she used to work for a Dermatologist. She wasn’t just trying to sell a product. Will definitely be back and highly recommend her services! Oh, did I mention she even sent a Thank You card to me? I received a card, just two days after meeting with her for my facial. Is that friendly or what?

Review from Natalia

I have been going visiting Yvonne for a short time now but really enjoy my visits!!!! Thanks Yvonne

Debra A. Eberstein

Yvonne is such a nice person, and genuinely wants the best for her clients. Yvonne is very professional, and I appreciate her knowledgeable input regarding questions of skincare and beauty concerns.

Review from Miss K

I have been trusting Yvonne with my skin since 2006. I am still amazed how flawless she makes my face look and feel after a visit. My skin seems to glow for a week after. Yvonne’s tha bomb…if your looking for an esthetician who knows her trade inside and out, is insanely clean and sterile, runs on time, fully analyzes your skin each appointment (no matter how long you’ve been seeing her) and creates a custom treatment just for you…you will be nothing less than impressed with Yvonne.

Review from Xochitl

Thanks Yvonne for all the wonderful treatments you use to make my skin look better!

Review from Leah Alexander

If you’re a client of Yvonnes then you know she’s the best! My skin has never looked better since she has been taking care of me. Thanks, Yvonne.

Review from Gilda

She gives the best facials. Thank you Yvonne for all that you do.

Review from Michael/ Jessica Avalon

Yvonne is The BEST… Yvonne is always happy to make your visit a memorable one. it’s been almost three years, and i wouldn’t trade it in for anyone else.Thanks Empress XXVIII of all Alameda/Contra Costa Counties Jessica Avalon aka Michael”Bart” Bartholomew

JoAnne M 06/21/2009

She also does the best eyebrows in town….and out of town!! She is fabulous and I can hardly wait to have more procedures done. Her office
is the only place I’d go in the Tri Valley Area!!! Keep up the good work you guys!!

Joy‎ – Feb 19, 2009

Yvonne is wonderful! She takes such good care of my skin! She gives me tips on what to do for flare ups, and is always gentle (as can be) when waxing me. I had my first facial a week ago and my skin looks beautiful! Am planning on seeing her to perfect my skin for my wedding. She works with my schedule (I live in Sacramento now) and always checks up with me to make sure my skin isn’t reacting oddly! I have been to several estheticians over the years and Yvonne is by far the best

Carissa O 06/21/2009

Yvonne is the best esthetician I have ever gone to. She provides individualized care and facial plans to get your skin looking flawless.

Joanne M 5/3/2009

Yvonne is the best!!! Wouldn’t go any where else….she rocks and knows her stuff! Highly highly recommend her!!!

Megan C 6/20/2009

Yvonne is great!

Allyn B 2/17/2009

Yvonne is awesome! My wife and I have gotten facials from her and we have always come out completely satisfied. Yvonne is very knowledgeable and has given us very useful techniques since she has worked with dermatologists in the past. I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone!

Hector 2/19/2009

Yvonne is really great!! She’s always up to speed with her techniques and is constantly learning more to stay on top of her game. She’s personable, attentive, charismatic, and is always looking out for your best interest!! I would recommend her to all of the brides (and grooms) that I DJ for!!

B.K 6/19/2009

Yvonne is awesome. She takes the time to learn about your life to understand your skin. I love going to her, I look forward to seeing her. I just feel better knowing she is there to help me improve my skin, she teaches me the RIGHT way to care for my skin. I like the products she has me using, they smell nice, face friendly for those of us who have sensitive skin, redness, painful acne…. I love it!

I have had painful deep acne/cysts on my face only all my life, it comes and goes every so many years. I know it’s hormones and stress. I’ve done every over-the-counter crap and the expensive prescription stuff….and sometimes things just don’t work for everyone…we are all different in our own ways….

I was looking for the right person to trust with my skin and after trying a few other places, I was sooo frustrated. I took a few days of googling best skin care providers reviews. On multiple sites (Google, yahoo, yelp, and other medical networks) I found Yvonne. I have to say she had the best reviews then any other place in more than one place.

In the past, I’ve used Accutane and Obaji –GREAT products fixed me up 100%. But no product can guarantee a fix forever.

I was told by several doctors that I need to go back on Accutane and I simply did not want to go through that again.. Yvonne has been able to get me “painful acne” free in a matter of few weeks.
Scaring is half gone, I have softer skin, no painful acne, I have gone out and ppl notice how much better my skin is in a matter of few weeks.
I have had 5 appointments so far and I’m really REALLY happy with my results.

For me to get these results and not be on harsh meds was proof positive that Yvonne is the best….