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Hyperpigmentation-Enemy of Half-Naked Sun Worshippers Everywhere

June 30, 2011

Since we are in the throes of Spring/Summer wedding season, not to mention vacation/practically naked season, I’ve been paying particularly close attention to the health of my brides’, clients’, and my own skin. As an esthetician, I know that skin clarity is what we all want for the maximum exposure that warmer months bring. With that in mind, I figured now is as good a time as any to reprint this article on Hyperpigmentation, aka the bane of my existence, that I wrote last year. I was able to score a little chat time with Yvonne Hogue, esthetician extraordinaire–and this was before I had experienced her considerable skill for myself! Now that I’ve seen the results of one of her awesome facials first hand, it’s all the more gratifying to have included her in this article. I’ll be writing about some of my favorite pigment-busters as time goes on…I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for the good stuff, so stay tuned!!!

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